Seismic Processing & Interpretation

Professional, dedicated geoscientists and industry-leading technology permit AGGTech to meet and exceed clients imaging expectations. From acquisition through to final subsurface images, we apply integrated technology and an innovative approach, to achieve all of our geophysical objectives, from large-scale exploration to reservoir-focused imaging challenges. Our processing and imaging solutions manage all types of seismic data.A full range of state-of-the-art signal processing and imaging solutions are available worldwide, servicing all major markets

Professional, dedicated geoscientists and industry-leading technology permit AGGTech to meet and exceed clients imaging expectations.
Senior Geophysicist

seismic data processing

AGGTech is offering vast seismic processing services. Supported by a resource pool with comprehensive experience in various geological settings and technology platforms, we provide 2D& 3D Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing/ Reprocessing and Field QC consulting services to E&P companies around the globe. 

For 2D or 3D data acquired offshore or on land, our advanced imaging services include:

  • Pre-stack Time Migration (PreSTM)
  • Pre-stack Depth Migration (PreSDM)
  • Reverse Time Migration (RTM)
  • Velocity model building
  • Tomography
  • Waveform Inversion (FWI)
  • AVO/Inversion

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AGGTech offers profound experience and skill in interpreting 2D , 3D and 3C of seismic data from the most demanding areas. Expertise of our interpretation team guarantees high quality product, reducing exploration risk. We Provide main interpretation services:

  • The normal structural interpretation
  • Stratigraphic interpretation
  • Fault interpretation

Technical capabilities of our interpretation service encompass integrated regional studies of the sedimentary basins, identify and proposing of prospects for exploration drilling with the giving of the recommendations on the optimum well location, petrophysical analysis, reservoir study and geological modeling.

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Well log tie

Accurate well-tying and wavelet estimation is a critical step in reservoir characterization. AGGTech provides a highly visual and interactive environment for creating, refining and QC’ing wavelets for inversions.

With a proper wavelet, the user can be confident in the results of:

-Seismic Interpretation
-Synthetic Modeling
-AVO Modeling and Analysis
-Deterministic Inversion
-Geostatistical Inversion

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Seismic facies analysis provides an alternative to seismic attribute analysis, when amplitude behavior is not the main driver for analyzing geological settings or reservoir condition changes related to lithology variations, fluid content changes or thickness variations. The different classification approaches embedded in the AGGTech solution enable better delineation and detailed analysis of prospects.  

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AGGTech has built an experienced team of Seismic Acquisition Quality Control experts for both land and marine seismic surveys. Our objective is to work closely with our clients to provide a high level of field expertise and continuity of service. Our personnel have a broad range of international experience working on most continents and in many marine basins.

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