Our Formation Evaluation solutions provide clients with data that enables them determine the ability of a borehole to produce oil and gas in commercial quantities. Our unique formation evaluation system offer operators the opportunity to acquire a full complement of formation evaluation information delivered to the office in real time or without wireline.  


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Well to well petrophysical study

Petrophysical evaluation helps reduce uncertainty and manage risk throughout the life of a reservoir. Hydrocarbon fluid identification, porosity characterization, saturation estimations, and permeability are necessary input data for robust resource estimates.

Integrated 3D Reservoir Model and Petrophysical Study

AGGTech look for qualitative evaluations to complex quantitative reservoir analyses, our experienced experts deliver a complete petrophysical survey, including formation porosity, saturations, permeability, and mineral component volumes integrated to 3D model

Formation fluids saturation estimation

AGGTech FE to establish the presence of reservoir rock, evaluate reservoirs for potential hydrocarbons, and estimate the volume of those hydrocarbon reserves. It is also used to develop reservoir mechanical properties models for the drilling and producing departments

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High resolution reservoir models with stratigraphic details that honour geology.

well tie

Links seismic data to production in unconventional plays

Fast intergation

An integrated attribute analysis and quantitative interpretation (QI) workflow toolbox